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Dec 30, 2012 6:30am EST
. jeckyll and mr. hyde. i used to work for r russell simmons, i wanted to do r & b, i bridged the culture with new jack swing. ♪ >> when you started off the group, you had hits yourself, three big hits. what made you leave being an artist --. >> what made me leave i was a manager as well as being an artist, l.l. cool j., when he got out there, he had screaming girl fans like new edition, i was already singing about rolexs and bentleys, if i have to break it down and sing about boom boxes it's time to me to step to the back and put the young guys forward. >> by 1986 you started uptown. >> heavy d and the boys. ♪ >> how did you have the eye for targeting acts that weren't circulating at the time? >> it was timing and hip hop was becoming mainstream, i wanted to put it with r&b. my artist that fit my soul. >> another piece you added to the equation was love. >> 100%. i grew up on motown, marvin gaye, diana ross, i always had love in the back of my mine, i grew up with love, with heavy d, the concept with him was let's take the eye off his weight and put your eye more on his style and his
Dec 30, 2012 3:00pm EST
, and russell, age 7. but in january 1973, he began -- elmo began feeling ill. and i detail the fight, the struggle to try to find a cure for elmo's life. but it was in december of 1992 when bud zumwalt went to a renaissance weekend, and this is what i'll close on, where his handwritten note that no one has ever seen except outside of the family -- and i use it in the book. in his handwritten notes that were presented at renaissance, bud reflected on elmo's life, his death, and bud's own struggle for the truth. and to find out what had happened and where the cover-up occurred. i want to read to you what he shared with his second family. because the zumwalt family knows that bud zumwalt considered the renaissance family his second family in so many ways. and he loved, he loved going there. it was a chance to reflect b and be intellectually challenged and to be amongst friends. and this is what bud zumwalt said. under the title, whoops, mistakes and their consequences. as many of you know, i was the commander of u.s. naval forces in vietnam who decided in 1968 to use agent orange to def
Dec 29, 2012 7:00pm EST
on his name, but the guy convinced me to be an atheist to begin with. bertrand russell. it was obvious. we already knew it. and then my next page wasn't about how the babylonians invented the 360-degree angle. how did i know that? because it was in the history of philosophy. it was everywhere. so i was about to write on and i thought oh, if eric is going to read this book, i want him to feel what it is like to be a babylonian. to feel what it's like to be a babylonian, i have to put that in your hands. and to make you feel what it's like to have this in your hands, i have to find out if that's made of clay or wood or copper. so for a month, i pursued the question of whether a protractor is made of clay or copper or wood. and i couldn't find it. somewhere in the back of my mind, this happens every day and you go, you amazing idiot, how could he you be so stupid, you are following up this obsession about this. get on with the book. you know you have to say. go write it. as you can literally go through hundreds and sometimes thousands of research in the day, after going through te
Dec 30, 2012 6:00am PST
, an indian of these times to identify with. >> osgood: back in 1973, russell means confronted the injustices done to his people. by leading armed protests across south dakota. a landmark moment for the american indian movement. >> monticello is the picture on our cover this week. >> osgood: when we launched sunday morning in 19679, richard threlkeld delivered our cover story. week in and week out. >> progress is not inevitable and the melting pot doesn't always melt very well. >> reporter: richard reported the facts, yes, but what a way he had with words. what a way leroy niemann had with a brush, an artist as colorful as his canvases. he painted the good life and the sporting life. (phone ringing). >> madison manor, oscar the beautiful speaking. >> osgood: in the odd couple jack includingman was everybody's image of a slofnly sports writer. his oscar was a lovable grouch. >> the legendary hector macho comacho. >> reporter: if ever a fighter was deserving of his nickname it was hector macho. he was famous for his speed and his style. alex carrus showed both speed and style as tack
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)